Voices for Racial Justice Now

Our Mission

We are committed to advancing a vision of America free from the racism that has denied millions of Americans their fundamental rights and equal access to the American dream.

Who We Are

Motivated by the tragic loss of Black lives by racist policing, punitive sentencing laws, and oppressive discriminatory practices, we – a group of mostly educators and professionals living in northern New Jersey – came together in August 2020 to add our voices to the demand for racial justice.

What We Do

Examine our own racist attitudes and their impact on our communities and country.

Volunteer with students of color to support their academic and professional success.

Advocate for legislation that promotes criminal justice, fair housing, equitable health care, environmental and educational reform.

Collaborate with other social and racial justice groups to increase our impact on social change.

Our Current Projects

Book Study Groups.

Support Bloomfield College, a Predominantly Black Institution (PBI), through mentoring, securing internships, job opportunities, fund raising.

Partner with NJTogether and Morris Area Together (MAT) on criminal reform, health care, housing.

Lobby legislators/clergy to promote progressive legislation.

Our Invitation

We welcome your voice to our Voices for Racial Justice Now. 

We seek your ideas, experience, passion. 

Our impact grows with numbers. 

Please join us.

For more information and to be on our mailing list, click the link below or contact Maureen Grant at vrjnow@gmail.com.